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What is Green Research?

________________________________________ Green Research is a recruiting company stationed in Green, Ohio. We specialize in working directly with companies and candidates in many different fields to ensure proper placement, making it easy on the company and the candidate. Register or contact us today in order to open the door to a vast array of employment opportunities.


A Lid for Every Pot

________________________________________ Finding the right candidate or position can be extremely frustrating. There are thousands of great positions out there, and even more candidates with plenty of talent and experience. Green Research LLC has a great passion for finding the perfect fit between top companies and the best candidates over a wide range of industries.



________________________________________ Although we are a general recruiting organization, our focus industries have been the food industry and CPG markets. Our vast experience in the job search processes will help companies attract the best candidates, and help candidates present themselves in the best light to attract the best companies. To find the right fit, contact Green Research LLC today!


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